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RAW2T provide the most simple and efficient comprehensive solutions for the private fitness industry.

The most advanced computing technology and the most efficient SaaS management system are used to provide solutions for the private education and fitness industry. Each particular function is developed for our customers’ needs. Especially in private education and fitness, the most suitable training actions will be generated at any given time of the day for each member's different physiological conditions to reinforce particular parts, which is impossible for sports apps in the general market.

SaaS System

Develop various special functions according to customer needs, and generate the most suitable training actions for daily physiological conditions.


Simple Operation

Every user can learn to operate it on a smart device (i.e. smartphones/ Pads/ computers) in 10 minutes.


Customizable Features

Choose from various features to meet all your needs: Body shape change, Heart rate record, Calorie consumption, Training history, Posture guidance and more ......


Fashionable Interface

The simple and fashionable interface allows users to feel the system's high quality immediately when using it.