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Multi-platform Interconnection & Multi-terminal Coverage

We provide multi-platform interconnection solutions, covering PCs, tablets, mobiles, heart pace devices and other terminals through a SaaS system, WeChat mini program, and cloud butler App to connect merchants, coaches, users and many other parties.

10 Core Functions of SaaS Management System

For the Owner

Dashboard & employee administration

For Coach

Course scheduling, consumption, & repurchase

For User

Membership purchasing & benefits

For Finance

Inventory & smart management

For Membership

Membership registration & maintenance

For Operation

Role coverage & operation management

For Marketing

Market expansion & member recruitment

For Cashier

Integrated payment methods & bookkeeping

For multi-platform

Matching & interconnection of different interfaces

For Retail

Credit accumulation & volume purchase discount

Advantages of SaaS services:

  1. Zero deployment, zero maintenance, and use the customer's own equipment to connect.
  2. It has high scalability and uses elastic space to link application templates to improve system performance.
  3. It can reduce the use cost and quickly connect the use.
  4. Automatic upgrade and continuous access to value services
  5. It is stable and efficient, and the system is safe and guaranteed.